So how does it work?

We’re glad you asked! Felyx is simple, convenient and affordable. Just follow these steps:

App-based service

Our scooters can be located, booked, and unlocked through your smartphone


The price of a ride is similar to public transport and parking is free

Directly from A to B

Drive directly to your destination and leave your e-scooter behind, no need to wait, no congestion, no need to charge


Our zero-emission electric scooters are silent and prevent air pollution

Fast, convenient, and affordable

Drive directly from A to B for €0.25/min

Create your account

Create a personal account, verify your driver’s license, and select your payment method

Choose e-scooter

Locate and reserve nearby e-scooters using our intuitive app

Track your ride

Get information on duration and price of the current ride

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Available for iOS and Android soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a registration fee?
    No, registration is free of charge
  • How do I unlock my scooter?
    Unlocking works keyless, because our scooters are activated through an app. Simply locate a scooter on your app, reserve it, walk to it, and drive away!
  • Do I have to bring it back where I picked it up?
    Nope! You can pick up a scooter at one location and drop it off at any other location. You can park a scooter anywhere it’s allowed to park regular scooters.
  • Do I need a helmet?
    Nope, because our scoots are capped at 25km/h it is not required to wear a helmet.
  • Do I need to charge the battery?
    No, don’t worry about it. We will exchange the batteries for fully charged ones as soon as they reach a battery level below 20%.
  • Do I need to be insured?
    Felyx includes the legally required insurance for you and the damages caused to others.
  • Do I need a specific license?
    You can drive with moped-license or a B-license, the one you need to drive a car. That’s it.
  • I have never tried riding a scooter, is it safe?
    Yes, due to the aerospace grade composite frame, our scooters are extremely light and very easy to ride. In addition, we capped the maximum speed to 25km/h.
  • Can I become an Felyx member and use a subscription service?
    Not yet, but we’re working on it as we speak!
Contact Us

Who are we?

We are a team of complementary entrepreneurs, with a background in consultancy and ICT. Driven by our mission to help improve quality of life in cities by developing and scaling an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable urban transport solution.

We offer a new concept of mobility as a service in line with the views of the sharing economy. Our service complements the public transport and replaces the private transport efficiently, relieving the environment and promoting sustainable traffic.

What is scooter sharing?

Felyx provides a “free floating” electronic scooter sharing system. We provide everyone with the opportunity to pick up and leave our e-scooters wherever they want. The user “rents” the scooter through our application and only pays for the minutes they use it. Our scooters could provide a perfect complementary transportation method for commuters that go to cities by train or car (P+R). City inhabitants are offered another mode of transportation and can use the scooters whenever they feel like making a (one-way) ride.

We believe e-scooter sharing to be one of the best urban transportation methods, providing many benefits to users and the environment. Users have a chance to use an insured and maintained scooter, so they can quickly move around town. The environment also benefits, as our scooters are emission and noise free, and shared by multiple users a day.

Felyx makes urban transportation awesome, affordable, and sustainable again!